We designs and deploys innovative experiences and plans of action to help its brands and their users.

Display Advertising

VNG Digital Ads is built around Vietnam’s most engaging online content. From this platform we have developed the most engaging display advertising solutions possible.

Your online marketing needs are unique so we provide a customized service to perfectly match and exceed your marketing objectives

  • Creative Ad Development:Our in-house design team has years of hands on experience and are on hand to ensure that your campaign message is clearly communicated stands out to your target audience.
  • Campaign Management:Our content reaches all target audience groups and provides the most engaging and impactful display placements available in Vietnam. Our experienced team can provide the perfect media plan to support any marketing plan and can provide support optimizing your campaign throughout its duration to ensure ultimate success.
  • Campaign Performance Measurement:One of the strengths of digital advertising is its measurability however one of the most common mistakes is to focus on the wrong results. We will provide measurement across your campaign and focus on the metrics that matter to your brand the most to guarantee the best return on investment possible.

Display advertising is the most powerful channel to get your brand message across to millions of Vietnamese consumers online. Let us use our experience to create a display campaign that be both seen and remembered by your target audience.

Mobile Advertising

Adtima owns the best mobile platforms in Vietnam with high users such as Zalo, Zing Mp3, Zing News, and Baomoi which provide full-scale mobile marketing support and help mobile advertising more effective.

Using Mobile Adverting service of Adtima is the best way to connect business to mobile device and smartphone consumers. Mobile advertising of Adtima can support all formats as following:

  • Mobile banner ads
  • Mobile PR Ads
  • Multimedia Messaging Service on Mobile: Messages, photos, voice chat, Stickers

Public Relations

The most important of PR advertising is delivering your brand message to user right within the content which they’re already reading.

To make that successfully, Zing News and Baomoi get a huge range of targeted content pages with over 30 news website and the message of advertiser sending to user will be found in the most relevant context by users already actively looking for related information.


Internet search is now an automatic process for internet users, Google has entered everyday language as a verb (Google it to know).

Why Search Marketing?

Internet search is now an automatic process for internet users, Google has entered everyday language as a verb (Google it to know). Put simply search is how people get their information in this day and age. When your potential clients search about your product or service it’s not just important but crucial that your service or product is the first thing they see. With Google Ad words you can place your message in front of interested customer right as they get the information to make their decisions.

Why use our Ad words Management service?

Search is a complicated game and there’s a lot to be gained (or lost). As a Google Premium Small-Medium Enterprise Partner, Adtima has been handpicked within the Vietnam market to work hand in hand with Google to bring our clients the best possible search services. Some of the crucial factors that will require in depth knowledge for best possible results are improving quality score of keywords, relevancy of advertising message with the landing page optimization. Our team focuses purely on your campaign and meeting your objectives so you can rest assured your marketing spending is bringing the best possible ROI. Our packages are flexible and will ensure the best returns over the life of your campaign. Contact us to tailor the perfect search marketing campaign to your needs today.

TV Commercials

TVC commercials can be defined as a video adverting which appears on Internet television. Moreover, video adverting can be served before, during and/or after a video stream on the Internet.

The benefits of Video advertising are to provide the unique opportunity to run ads alongside video content and to enable advertisers to connect advertiser’s message to a massive, engaged audience. Online video ads not only outperform other types of online ads but also increase brand awareness, brand favorability, and purchasing intent. Adtima is proud to be the best service provider because Adtima is holding Zing TV which is the best online video content website with full license.


We have developed the leading online products in Vietnam but we consider our real strength to be Integrated Marketing Campaigns.

The VNG platform is built around making the Internet change Vietnamese lives and our platform touches Vietnamese lives based on 3 key pillars we refer to as the 3 C’s – Content, Community and Commerce. VNG has developed and continues to lead in each of these 3 areas with the leading online content in news and entertainment, communities built around Vietnam’s premier social network Zing Me and leading b2c and b2b e-commerce channels. This connected platform means that we can create advertising campaigns for your brand that reach and engage on a level that wouldn’t be possible in any other way.

Our IMC solutions combine our key services like display, PR, social, in-game branding and also utilize our 123link display network as well as search, facebook, mobile and TVC advertising.

We focus on the 3 C’s with all our IMC’s, these are:

Cross User: There must be no barriers to entry for online users these days, for this reason we support all popular platforms including Zing, Facebook, Google for user access and interaction. This means anyone can engage and interact with your brands campaign.

Cross Platform: We are living in an increasingly connected environment. Your customers are accessing online information across a growing number of screens whether it’s on their home or work PC, laptop, phone, tablet, TV, MP3 player. Our campaigns are optimized to be accessible and fully functional across all these devices so that users can interact with your brand anytime, anywhere on any screen.

Cross Media Channel:Whilst the Internet is now a leading touch point for Vietnamese consumers an integrated approach is essential to maximizing the attention your campaign can generate. Our team can support your online marketing across each and every touch point your customers use whether it’s traditional media like TV and Print, offline events or even live TV broadcasts our team has the experience and knowledge to take your campaign across the full media universe to create the deepest impact possible.

Social Media

Adtima consults and integrates social media into the brand’s marketing plan. We provide the strategy as well as create online marketing content for the purpose of approaching and conveying the brand’s key message to targeted audience through social networks such as: Facebook, Zing Me, Zalo, Instagram, etc.

Adtima offers a comprehensive service package on social network platform, including:

  • Compose online marketing plan on social network
  • Manage the brand’s fanpage
  • Create online marketing content
  • Recruit and engage targeted online audiences
  • Amplify the viral effect on social network through seeding activity on hot influencers
  • Track, alert and handle online crisis