Interactive Games
  • OMO Clean Up Stains

    GAME| 03-12-2018

    Xóa bay mọi vết bẩn cứng đầu. Cách chơi là bấm vào màn hình để di chuyển qua lại và canh sao cho các hạt tinh thể trúng vào những áo bẩn để chúng trắng như mới.

  • [Banner] Blow Interactive Sunlight

    GAME| 06-11-2018

    Blow to phone to make the floor clean.

  • [GAME]Adtima MMA

    GAME| 25-10-2018

    Game tilt the phone to collect Adtima service.

  • [GAME]Snake And Block

    GAME| 04-10-2018

    You need to collect live from try collect all foods which will add up in your snake's live. The number of live in your snake should be greater than the number indicated on the block because after passing though it your snake's live will be deducted by the number indicated on the block.

  • [GAME]Hunter Shooting

    GAME| 06-08-2018

    Hunter Shooting game

  • [GAME]Fruit Hunter

    GAME| 06-08-2018

    Fruit Hunter Game

  • [GAME]Spring Panda

    GAME| 01-08-2018

    Game Spring Panda