Haircare is one of the most competitive category in Vietnam.

Sunsilk has always been looking for new ways to connect with young girls' daily life.

During our researched, we found that the way we touch our hair reflects our immediate emotions.

That means when a girl does finger comb, it may express lots of hidden meanings.

Sunsilk figured out this interesting truth so they tried to find right way to reach right audience and awake them about hair language. This language will be compose in form of a dictionary that decodes the meaning behind every hair touches.


We kicked off the campaign with a little story about a cute geek who is attracted to a lovely girl but doesn't understand the hair finger comb language that she uses express herself

The short film was broadcasted and promoted in Zing TV, Zing Mp3

The engagement phase started with online banners to drive our target audience to a Zalo fanpage.

The Sunsilk Zalo page was promoted on the Zalo Hot Page and sticky message blasted to our target audience

Chibi is a Japanese slang word meaning "short person" or "small child". The Chibi drawing makes a cute cartoon version of any girl, and became a trendy language among young Vietnamese girls.

It seems so easy to get their own chibi version. Users join chat with Sunsilk and follow structured messages step by step until receiving their chibi.

Campaign Results

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