Over 15 years old, dynamic and keen on playing game are important personalities of target audience recruited for Piattos’s campaign


Piattos finds itself within the extremely competitive potato crisp snack category fighting for the attention of the notoriously difficult teen market. They knew it would require something special to deliver an unforgettable experience and lasting impression on their target audience who tend to have “ seen it all before”.

The challenge was to create something new and exciting that would be associated with the brand in truly memorable way.

We combine online technology with product to made users have exciting experiences with Piattos.


Online gaming is one of the most popular past-times of young males in developing Asian cities.

Our solution: an industry first Piattos customer only augmented reality (AR) racing car available to only those with a specially developed steering wheel found in Piattos packets.

The game would deliver on two fronts in that online promotion could drive audiences in store to get the steering wheel and play whilst also delighting purchasers of Piattos products with the opportunity to play a new exciting type of game exclusive to Piattos customers.

Campaign Results

431.699 unique visitors visited the Piatos website.

  • 22,344 Fans
  • 1,341,457 Page Views
  • 18,297 Codes allocated

How it works

Campaign in pictures

Experience the AR racing car technology

Design and develop website

The landing home page is geared towards fast tracking the playing process, users are given simple instructions and an introductory preview video all with easy access to the game page. The Page was naturally developed combine racing excitement with the Piattos brand.

Receive the quest

User login to and submit code to play game

Users register to win exciting prizes based on their performances on the track. This database allowed Piattos to further connect with their target audience and open an ongoing dialogue with their customers for future promotional events. Users with a Zing ID (20 activated million in Vietnam to date) can simply login using this information.

Play game

The code on the specially developed steering wheel found in packet gives exclusive access to the game center.

The game features progressively harder options from easy, medium and hard and varied tracks. Each playing code allows 3 races which count towards the racer’s best time.

Receive Hazeline gift

Piattos is branded in game

After finish all the things above, it’s time for players to experience the best part of this event, racing. To play the game, player must have a webcam and put the AR in front to turn. Holding the card make the player feel like they were truly holding the wheel, if they turn so hard it would make the car flip and loose. If players didn’t have webcam, no problem, game allows players to race by their keyboard.

Receive Hazeline gift

On the count of 3 racers are given free rein to go for it on the open track. The AR code enables the driver to simulate a real driving action but players without a webcam are covered as the game can easily be played with arrow keys as well.

Piattos themed bonus items keep racers busy. Collecting these items in the fastest time grow point totals

Receive Hazeline gift

High score board

Once the racing is completed you either excitably enter claim your spot on the top score leaderboard or see just how far off the pace you are.

Receive Hazeline gift

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