Despite how soft-drink consumers see the convenience advantages of using plastic bottles, it's actually more eco-friendly to use glass bottles as they can be recycled quickly and easily. Pepsi wanted to promote the use of glass bottles to reduce impact on the environment. So the campaign Think and Drink started with a message "drink from a glass bottle, grow a tree for Vietnam"

To promote socially responsible marketing and environmental awareness for the 3rd year, Pepsi was looking for a new way to communicate with their target audience, young consumers, to educate them about the benefits of using glass bottles. So they cooperated with the greenest game in Vietnam: "Sky Garden", where over 1,000,000 young gamers are engaging every day.


We find a way to demonstrate our mission "drink from a glass bottle, grow a tree" in a fun way by having gamers grow trees virtually for their fantasy gardens.

Gamers can take a photo or scan the bottles from Pepsi, Mirinda, 7UP, Sting, and Twister to collect virtual bottle caps.

They can exchange virtual bottle caps with seeds to grow trees in their gardens.

We give a little motivation with a lucky draw every day; allowing them to win branded gifts rewarded for their hard work to make the virtual world greener.

They can also exchange bottle caps with decorative items that help to make their gardens more beautiful.

To introduce this campaign, we made an announcement on the Sky Garden blog, kept the news updated on the Sky Garden social page, spread the word onn Zing Me social network and placed banners across Zing Me Appstore and Zing Mp3

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