The Smarties Vietnam 2014 Award

Bronze Prize - Product/Service Launch Category


MoMo is a mobile wallet application that has just launched a few months ago. With the ambition to change the way Vietnamese purchase everyday items and transfer money, we needed a marketing channel that could reach mass to mobile users.

Researches has shown that World Cup is the most engaging occasion for Vietnamese youth, so we chose this time to build a promotion that could create brand awareness as well as generate leads at the same time. With more than 10 million users at that time, Zalo was the leading OTT application in the marketing with highly engaging target audience and a perfect platform to introduce MoMo.

Gambling is prohibited in Vietnam but in fact, it's pretty popular underground. So we ask ourselves, could we create a game within the big game World Cup that is not gambling but fun to engage with mobile users in Zalo and they can win real money for their mobile wallets.


Introducing "WORLD CUP BILLIONAIRE", a guessing game for the World Cup 2014. We reached out to mobile users with targeted mobile ads within Adtima's advertising ecosystem and sticky messages that pinned to the top of users' feed within Zalo.

QR codes were used to drive PC users to mobile. All these media drive users to the MoMo's Zalo page, a social community where users can learn about MoMo and the guessing game. From there, users are leaded to download the MoMo app to receive free money of 64,000 VND in their mobile wallets and use this to bet on their guesses in 64 matches along the World Cup.

Before each match, users can send messages on Zalo to bet and one lucky winner will win 100,000,000 VND into their mobile wallets. This campaign was executed 100% on mobile platform, leveraging from mobile display advertising to mobile social community and messaging.

Success Stories

Sticky messages helped to convert users to download MoMo

15,000 guessing messages was sent everyday


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