Flash Jimmy Choo brand wants to increase brand awareness and engagement with online users for brand new premium fragrance with special traits in brand personality: fashionable, provocative, naughty and charming.


Young girls at age of over 22 years old who are fashionable, beautiful and provocative are target audiences recruited for this campaign


To organize a photo contest and a blog contest for female over 22 years old only. In order to complete good entries in compliance with criteria of the rule, the contestant must have certain knowledge about brand as well as she might find a connection between her character and brand personality.

Success Stories

How we did it


We choose Fashion, Fragrances, Life of girl are content theme to promote Flash Jimmy Choo

  • 25%Organic fan
  • 0,5%Unlike rate
  • 20+Age range

Always on contents

Photo contest

User send photos about party style and call to vote for their pics

  • 700Entries
  • 500Candidates
  • 8Weeks

Photo contest

Blog Contest

We create topics about luxury party, luxury life such as "What if you will become a famous person"

  • 300Entries
  • 150Candidates
  • 8Weeks

Blog contest

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