Unilever’s Hazeline brand needed to find a way to familiarize young and beauty conscious girls with their skin and cleansing range of products.

Generally this highly competitive product segment can be highly fickle and it can be difficult to earn ongoing brand preference and the trust of Vietnamese girls.


Young female from 16 to 25 years old who often play game Sky Garden are mostly suitable advocates of Hazeline on Zing Me


Branded in game is the way to build up brand awareness and integrated effectively and naturally. Sky Garden is the VNG’s social game with attractive design and casual game play have drawn a predominately female user base and one of the most popular social game in Vietnam.

We came up to put the Hazeline Day and Night at the heart of Sky Garden’s game play.

Campaign Results

The Hazeline quest allowed users not just to see the Hazeline brand but to learn and interact with the features actively.

11,217,861 Play times

Facebook fan page attracted many fany which creating an ongoing link to the brand.

113,000 Fans

OMMA Awards 2013 – Intergrated online campaign

How it works


The 2 million players were quickly alerted to “Nhiem Vu Hazeline” (the Hazeline Quest) is introduced to users as the log-in to play.


Receive the quest

As users began to play they received the Hazeline quest via an in game popup message to collect the hidden Snowy Lotus plants (playing during daytime) or Mulberry plants (playing in the evening) in order to uncover the hidden Hazeline product to join the event.

Both plants are key ingredients of the respective Day and Night face cleansing product lines. More details could be found on VNG’s own social network – Zing Me - at the Hazeline fan page.

Receive the quest

Play game – Take care of your plants

When users join the quest, 5 pots will appear in the lower left corner of playing screen.

Players should tend to these pots by looking after the plants until they fully bloom into Lotus or Mulberry plants based on playing time (day time features the Snow Lotus’ and night time play features the Mulberry plants) to coincide with the Hazeline (Purely White UV and Night Whitening) usage recommendations

Play game

Receive Hazeline gift when finishing missions

Once the player has all 14 bottles they will receive a surprise box which upon opening will provide a lucky draw code for the chance to win an iPad or experience points or even Zing Xu currency that can be used within the game.

Exchange the Hazeline Purely White UV and Night Whitening bottles for a surprise box. Prizes are randomly awarded when box is opened.

Receive Hazeline gift

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