Launched in 2/2012, Zalo is a free message and call mobile app. By 05/2018, Zalo has about 46,5 million active users and become the most popular communication app in Vietnam. Vietnamese have seen Zalo as a fast, stable, easy-to-use and convenient platform to connect with friends and family.

The emergence of Zalo has excited Vietnamese marketers when they find more potential opportunities to approach target audience and implement marketing strategy on a local platform. However, the progress to explore and deploy Zalo into marketing is not easy due to lacking of understanding about product and user behaviors on Zalo.

This paper is conducted to provide basic understanding about Zalo, including its development journey, values, key functions, user behaviors as well as to suggest some application models for integrating Zalo into marketing strategy.

By the end of 2018, Zalo reached the milestone of 100 million users, which shows Zalo’s capability to dominate Vietnam messaging app across different ages, genders and regions. Besides, Zalo is considered as an essential part of rural audience life thanks for its friendly and easy-to use experience. They tend to interact with Zalo daily at high frequency. Further than that, Zalo starts to establish a digital ecosystem in which we integrate deeply with various key industries, such as transportation, medical care, education, finance, e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing etc., to improve business operational efficiency, reduce operational costs as well as bring more unified utilities to end users.

Especially, Zalo Official Account (OA) is the two-way and personalized communication hub of individuals, businesses, communities and government with the aim of interacting, connecting, transmitting information to audience. OA is aimed at becoming the content hub for users where they can passively or actively update brand information. Typically, Zalo OA can be implemented in forms of three solutions: Content Consumption Stimulation, Online to Offline Opportunities, Customer Care Program.

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